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Monday, August 12, 2013

My blog traffic and SEO strategy

The most effective and worthwhile method of communication is by writing and publishing either in online journal (blog) or offline like newspaper, magazine and some other means of disseminating information. Blogging can be view as such; as just decide on a niche that one can handle properly and make a move to write on it consistently, and if however a reasonable niche has been chosen, and some reasonable articles have been published and the next thing will be to see
widgets for blogger

Sunday, August 11, 2013

146K Alexa rank in 2 month

First and foremost, I will  seize this medium to appreciate all my blog readers, visitors, contributors, commenter's and those that have in one way or the other encourages adetechblog that make today a worthwhile for me to celebrate the two month old birthday of adetechblog online. I will be an ingrate if I failed to acknowledge the contribution and help of some of my friends from bloggerslab, allbloggingways from Facebook and other group I found myself on Facebook.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Make yourself an idol instead of an idle

Being successful as a professional in Search engine optimization is not really an easy task, it is very wise and important that you constantly carry out a research on how blog SEO works. Before making any attempt to test any discovered SEO techniques, research must be carried out on it to see whether it worth using or not. To successfully understand the concept of SEO, the following can really be helpful.

Don’t die for it; it's just 4 letter words

Don't die for it; it is just 4 letter words
Not long ago, I was reading through a blog as usual and as a loyal blogger that learn from the best, follow a loyal blogger and who have the dream of becoming a successful blogger in blogging community. I read the blog that talk about how blog can quickly send blogger to early grave and I was engulfed with the title and I decided to read the whole article and discovered that it was indeed truth that DEATH is just 5 letter words but the most fearful word that ever pronounced in the land of the living despite the fact that we are all subject to death. According award winning singer "2face Idibia" he said in one of his song and I quote "Nobody wan die but they wan go heaven" and this saying is applicable to almost applicable to all bloggers in blog-o-sphere.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Gaining potential visibility in blog-o-sphere

Have you ever observed that some blogger received more visitors and page-view than you do even though when you know you are better than them in blogging?  And you may doubt that why should a fellow bloggers who is not as good as you do having a very high page-viewers and daily visitors than you do? The fact is that; to be great in blogging success, being good alone in what you are doing is not enough but having the knowledge that what you are doing is good. Human or researchers

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Ultimate ways to start a money making blog

Anybody can just dash out to the internet to set up a blog either with free domain name or custom domain name and start writing content but limited number of people that blogs make reasonable cent out of it. If you really want to make money blogging then, I guess you need to proceed further.

There are clear differences between starting a blog and a blog that will

Monday, August 05, 2013

All about getting traffic to your blog

If you have been into blogging for a while now, it is likely you understand and remember the then old blog or internet marketing trafficsource and exchange such as exchanging blog banner. But the rate in which things are changing on the internet is like speed at which the light travels. If you have one or more blog online, definitely quality traffic to sustain itis important. Thing that will be consider under this topic is should join this source or medium to get traffic to your blog or traffic?

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